GOT GAME? GET GAME! - Make Each Day Your Masterpiece
10 Week Basketball Development;
Speed, Agility and Conditioning Program
Got Game? Get Game! Strength and Speed offers a 10 week basketball development program for high school and collegiate athletes looking to start preparing for the basketball season before the season begins. 
For the high school athlete, the initial goal is to develop a solid foundation both mentally and physically in regard to the training of your body and mind.  The primary goal is to train your type II muscles (fast twitch muscle fibers) for quickness, speed, and power.  High school workout session are 90 minutes in duration 2 times a week.
Got Game? Get Game! Player Development Group specializes in designing intense basketball workout programs to develop excellence.  We are truly committed to providing the highest level of individual, team and small group training for the experienced basketball player who as aspiration of having a successful high school career and potentially a collegiate career.
G4 strives to be the most comprehensive at providing players with the best possible program for personal and performance enhancement.
*Intense Basketball Training Workout Sessions
*Strength & Speed Program designed only for basketball players
*Emphasis on jumping ability, balance, flexibility and strength and power
*Nutritional Package
This program runs 2 days a week, Sundays will include basketball drills and conditioning and the Saturdays will include building of  quick twitch muscle fibers.  This program is designed for basketball athletes to improve their overall skills through agility, strength and speed development. This event is a great building block for aspiring athletes to safely learn the proper techniques and establish the necessary foundation for improved sport performance.  This program runs for 10 weeks beginning on September 10th through October 12th
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