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Performance Nutrition
Performance nutrition for athletes is extremely important in the development of both off season and in season training. 
Incorporate a focused well planned diet and nutritional regimen can drastically increase the effectiveness of your athletic performance - resulting in more muscularity, less body fat, and greater capacity to train.
At Got Game? Get Game!, we will provide you with "performance" nutritional suggestions for strength gain, body fat loss, weight gain, weight loss, hydration, and athletic achievement.
Some common nutritional questions from athletes:
* I am training hard, but failing to loss weight. What am I doing wrong?
* I want to loss body fat, while increasing muscularity.  What should my nutritional plan look like?
*I want to practice proper nutritional habits. Can you give me a sample menu of meals?
*I am eating well, but feel sluggish and tired. What can I do nutritionally to improve this?
Got Game? Get Game! can provide some basic guidelines to help you make more informed decisions regarding your nutrition.  However, it is up to you to put this suggestions into practice and make proper nutrition a lifelong habit.
For athletes with very specific needs, Got Game? Get Game! work in conjunction with local nutritionist to help athletes achieve the results they desire.
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